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Front View: BioShield Containment System & Re-entombment System

bioshield containment system

For new entombments. The original BioShield Containment System, engineered to protect your mausoleum from leaks, odors, and flies by containing decomposition within each crypt.

Available in standard, child, and adult sizes.


For correcting failed entombments. If you use casket protectors, but still notice leaks, drips, odors and flies, your entombment system is faulty.  

Our re-entombment system works the same as the original BioShield, but is sized to fit existing encasements.


Absorption pouches

Our new and innovative liquid-soluble pouch contains a super absorbent polymer that quickly absorbs and congeals fluids that leave the remains during decomposition. 

Use these pouches within our BioShield containment system, or place them at the opening of crypts where other forms of entombment are utilized to prevent drips. 



cASKEt rollers

Easily load caskets into a crypt with Bioshield Casket Rollers. Just one roller will significantly reduce the effort needed to safely insert a casket into it's crypt.




Create a dry and peaceful final resting place for the deceased (underground) with BioShield Cremation Interment Bags. They are a simple and cost effective method of protection from moisture and puncture hazards.