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BioShield™ Containment Systems are engineered to permanently protect distinguished mausoleums from leaks, odors, and flies by isolating the natural byproducts of decomposition in an uncomplicated, airtight container.

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Our containment system is simple, safe, and easy to use- made from the finest materials packaging science has to offer. Our formula for the problem-free final resting place is made up of 3 components:

Barrier Material + Hermetic Seals + ZipSeal Closure




In packaging science, flexible barrier materials are used to fully stop the permeation of gases and liquids. The material acts as a barrier in both directions, so nothing can pass in or out of a flexible barrier package.

A typical barrier material consists of three layers:

  1.  Outer Protective Layer
  2.  Foil Barrier Layer
  3. Inner Sealant Layer


A hermetic seal is one that bonds two polymers (or two pieces of material) together through the application of heat, for a specific amount of time and at a specific pressure. This type of seal protects against the flow of gasses and liquids, making it the perfect way to seal our Biolam material when making a BioShield container.

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BioShield containers are made from our proprietary, flexible barrier material, called Biolam. It is a laminated material made up of four layers:

  1. Outer Protective Layer
  2. Woven Tear-Resistant Layer
    Fiberglass woven scrim with 100 fiber intersections per square inch
  3. Foil Barrier Layer
    5 times thicker than the industry standard
  4. Inner Sealant Layer
    Polyethylene film, made from custom-blended polymer resins

Together these layers provide superior heat-seal characteristics. Sealed together they completely eliminate the possibility of leaking odors and liquids, forming a hermetic seal.


ZipSeal is our patented zipper closure system that provides a fast, safe, easy, and strong closure method. Zipper tracks are pre-installed on the top and bottom covers. A positive locking, mechanical closure seals the zip ends, creating an air-tight entombment.

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