bioshield is scientifically engineered permanently protect distinguished mausoleums from leaks, odors, and flies by isolating the natural byproducts of decomposition in an uncomplicated, airtight container.

You can’t stop decomposition, but you can contain it.
— Bill Smith, BioShield Engineer

Create a problem-free final resting place and manage the imminent decay of remains with BioShield, decomposition containment products designed and manufactured by expert packaging engineers at Heritage Packaging.

It’s the only permanent solution to the common challenges of mausoleum entombments: leaks, odors, and flies. Made with patented Zipseal Technology™ and flexible barrier materials, BioShield offers an entombment process that is faster, easier, and safer than any other product on the market.


who makes bioshield?

BioShield is a line of products from Heritage Packaging. We are an all-American, family-owned business that specializes in the design and manufacturing of sophisticated barrier packaging systems. Since 1990, Heritage Packaging has been engineering and manufacturing award winning packaging solutions for clients worldwide. We’ve gained the trust and loyalty of many of our nation’s most prestigious industrial, aerospace, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as our military and other government agencies.

Barrier packaging materials are used to keep desirable elements in and/or undesirable elements out. These materials are used for applications such as keeping food fresh, corrosion prevention, keeping odors and flavors contained within a package, and providing long term preservation for sensitive machinery and other products. As experts in barrier packaging, we saw the need for a superior, well-engineered product that mausoleum owners could trust. BioShield products are innovative examples of our ability to assess an application, and produce an effective long term solution.